Reloop Touch

R2D2 / 17 oktober 2017

Reloop komt met een nieuwe controller, de “Touch”. De controller is in samenwerking met de softwaremakers van Virtual DJ ontwikkeld en is de eerste “betaalbare” controller welke beschikt over een touchscreen welke centraal gepositioneerd is op de controller. De controller oogt vrij rustig en ruimtelijk qua indeling maar zit dankzij het multifunctionele touchscreen toch boordevol met features. De prijs deed mij persoonlijk nog het meest verbazen, een 4 kanaals controller met alle standaard features en een touchscreen voor €699,00. Geen verkeerde prijs voor een dergelijk product.


Reloop presents TOUCH, the world’s first DJ controller with an integrated 7”-touchscreen. TOUCH was developed in co-operation with VirtualDJ and it runs plug and play after setup. A full version of VirtualDJ 8 PRO is included.

Stephane Clavel, Founder (VirtualDJ): “The Reloop TOUCH is hushing in a new generation of controllers that brings a much tighter integration between hardware and software. Allying the trademark Reloop hardware quality, and enhancing VirtualDJ’s customization capabilities with the onboard screen, the Reloop TOUCH really enables DJs to do more.”

Gerald Barbyer, CEO (Reloop): “We are exited about the Reloop TOUCH, which was developed in close collaboration with VirtualDJ. This first of its kind DJ controller is equipped with a highly responsive 7“-full-colour display, that allows you to creatively interact with the touch screen and customize your workflow – ensuring you to focus your hands and eyes on the center of your performance.“

Versatile Touchscreen

Thanks to the clear and bright display of waveform and track information, DJs have all important details concerning their music in their field of view. The touchscreen’s integration opens up a world full of creative control possibilities including real-time control of FX via the XY panel, comfortable track browsing, organizing your media library via drag-and-drop, as well as visualization of the various performance modes. Video mixing can be played back in full screen mode, offering unique possibilities to support your set visually. Video clips can be assigned to both decks and monitored via the CUE function.

4-Channel Club Mixer Layout with Fader-FX Unit

TOUCH is designed in a classic 4-channel club mixer layout and with a combined EQ/filter section. Via colour-coded deck switching, DJs will always know which deck is currently playing. The two deck sections are equipped with high-resolution jog wheels, which are perfect for pitch bending thanks to their special non-slip design. Two fader-FX units offer direct control over effect and video parameters via four short-throw linefaders each. The multi-functional XCoder controls various modes, combining three convenient functions (Loop Size, Key and Grid Adjust) to use with one encoder.

Extensive Performance Pad Section

The 8 RGB performance pads are located below the respective fader-FX unit, offering a large number of creative mixing possibilities. As well as classic performance modes such as HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER, SAMPLER, CUE LOOP, SAVED LOOP, BEAT JUMP and KEY CUE, TOUCH also offers PAD MODE, allowing you to switch between pad functions and SPLIT MODE, making it possible to combine up to two different modes at the same time. All performance modes can be adjusted extensively via the PARAM button.

High-Retention USB Audio Interface and Software Compatibility

TOUCH has a powerful built-in audio interface with high-retention USB port which is especially sturdy, protecting you from unwanted cable pull-outs. As well as both balanced and unbalanced master outs (XLR/RCA), there are two headphones connections (3.5 and 6.3 mm) and a mic input connection (6.3 mm). Moreover TOUCH is fully MIDI compatible with other DJ and audio software.

Reloop TOUCH combines feel with visual control.


  • World’s first DJ controller with touchscreen
  • 7” full-colour display: DJ without the need to look at the computer
  • Touch-screen surface for intuitive operation, developed in cooperation with VirtualDJ
  • Customisable user interface can be adapted to one’s own preference
  • Display up to 4 waveforms, including track, artist and album information
  • XY panel for direct control of FX via touchscreen
  • Integrated video mixing feature with full-screen support
  • Easy media library organisation via drag & drop folders
  • Large TRAX encoder for comfortable browsing of media libraries & cloud streaming providers (Pulselocker and Deezer)
  • 4-channel club mixer layout, combined EQ/filter section
  • Fader-FX unit for real-time editing of audio and video material
  • High-resolution jog wheels, special non-slip design for pitch-bending
  • Activate quantize, slip-mode and beat grid adjustment directly via the controller
  • Xcoder: Multi-functional encoder with various modes – loop, size, and grid adjust
  • 8 RGB-coloured performance pads for creative remixing
  • Multiple performance modes with quick switch via PAD MODE button and SPLIT MODE support
  • Vast adjustment possibilities for performance modes via PARAM button
  • Colour-coded deck switching
  • 50 mm pitchfader
  • Fader-start support
  • Powerful audio interface with high-retention USB port
  • 2x headphone outs, 1x mic input, 2x master outputs (balanced/unbalanced)
  • Plug ‘n’ Play: Incl. full version of VirtualDJ 8 PRO
  • MIDI compatible with other softwares
  • Kensington lock to secure the device
  • Box Includes: touchscreen controller, VirtualDJ PRO license key, instruction manual, USB cable, external power supply unit with international plugs

2 Responses

  1. Arno
    Mooi ding.Reloop krijgt steeds dichter richting Pioneer aan. En Denon heeft Pioneer in 1 stap ingehaald met de Prime serie.
    • Joshua
      Denon kampt volgens mij nog steeds met het 1000 functies onder 1 button syndroom, alleen dat al is een goede reden waarom ze Pioneer niet in zullen halen.Of Reloop qua bouwkwaliteit redt ten opzichte van een Pioneer durf ik ook te betwijfelen. Ze maken vast hele mooie spullen en ondanks dat je bij Pioneer voor een heel groot deel voor de merknaam betaald is er ook nog wel degelijk een verschil in kwaliteit.