Pioneer kondigt HDJ-X lijn koptelefoons aan

R2D2 / 1 september 2017

Pioneer kondigt de nieuwe HDJ-X headphone lijne aan, opvolger van de HDJ lijn welke gebaseerd is op het “flagship” model, de HDJ-2000 en de HDJ-1500. De HDJ-X lijn bestaat uit drie modellen, de HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7 en HDJ-X5. Alle modellen zijn gebaseerd op de bestaande HDJ-2000 en HDJ-1500 en beschikken allen over een “folding design”, verwisselbare onderdelen en draaibare cups.

Verschillen tussen de verschillende modellen zitten vooral in het bereik. De Pioneer HDJ-X10 heeft een bereik van 5Hz tot 40kHz terwijl de HDJ-X7 en HDJ-X5 “maar” een bereik hebben van 5Hz tot 30kHz. Nu is dat vooral marketing want het menselijk oor heeft gemiddeld genomen een bereik van 20 Hertz tot 20 kHz (en dat laatste is nog vrij optimistisch en ligt voor veel mensen nog wat lager).

Alle modellen beschikken over een verwisselbare kabel maar waar de HDJ-X10 en HDJ-X7 zowel over een gekrulde als rechte kabel beschikken en 50mm drivers moet de HDJ-X5 het doen met alleen de rechte kabel en 40mm drivers.

Daarnaast ook nog een verschil als het gaat om meegeleverde opbergmogelijkheden, de HDJ-X10 wordt geleverd met een case terwijl de HDJ-X7 en HDJ-X5 geleverd worden met een opbergzak.

Dan de prijzen, de HDJ-X5 is wat mij betreft erg aantrekkelijk geprijsd met zijn €99,-. Als de bouwkwaliteit een beetje op orde is en het qua geluidskwaliteit ook maar enigszins in de buurt komt van zijn oudere broer de HDJ-2000 absoluut één hele mooie instapper. De HDJ-X7 is een behoorlijk stukje duurder met zijn €199,– terwijl de HDJ-X10 voor €339,- over de toonbank gaat.

Deeper Connection: Meet the new Pioneer HDJ over-ear headphone models

Outstanding audio quality, superior durability and improved functionality for professional DJs

We’ve designed a new range of DJ headphones to create the HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X5, offering brand-new headphone experiences to suit every DJ.

The new flagship HDJ-X10 headphones are designed for professional DJs to use at clubs and festivals. Built to withstand the rigours of the road, they’re comfortable to wear for long sets and allow you to hear frequencies other DJ headphones can’t reproduce so you can make a deeper connection with the music and the dance floor.

Thanks to their HD drivers,1 the HDJ-X10 headphones are the world’s first DJ headphones to produce high-resolution sound ranging from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.2 When connected to our flagship TOUR1 set up or the NXS2 set-up, you can experience up to 96 kHz/24-bit high-resolution audio reproduction with superb clarity and sound separation. And in another world first for DJ headphones,3 the ear pads and headband on the HDJ-X10 model are protected from sweat and dirt by water repellent nano coating. This means you can keep your headphones looking fresh and easily prolong their lifespan with regular cleaning.

The HDJ-X7 headphones are based on our previous flagship model, the HDJ-2000MK2, and are equipped with newly developed drivers, while the HDJ-X5 headphones inherit high-quality audio design from the model above, giving you clean monitoring even at high volumes.

Whichever way you prefer to wear your headphones, you can comfortably use any HDJ-X model for long periods of time thanks to the flexible swivel mechanism and housing that have been designed with input from professional DJs. They’re built to be highly robust, too, with all models having cleared the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test,4 as well as our stringent in-house durability tests.


1. Outstanding sound, High-quality audio design
The HDJ-X10 headphones are equipped with our new 50-mm HD driver, making them the world’s first DJ headphones to reproduce high-resolution sound from 5 Hz to 40 kHz. The direct drive structure, with a newly developed diaphragm shape and voice coil, delivers high-quality sound without loss of quality due to mechanic loss. Creating rich bass notes and clean mid-to-high frequencies, the flagship headphones enable accurate point source monitoring, even at loud volumes, and allow you to make a deeper connection to the music.

The HDJ-X7 headphones provide the same audio experience as the professional HDJ-2000MK2 model and feature a newly developed 50-mm driver. The shape and materials of the new diaphragm are optimised to create tight bass notes and clean high frequencies so you can enjoy accurate monitoring.

The HDJ-X5 headphones feature a new 40-mm driver with copper-clad aluminium wire (CCAW) voice coils. The magnetic circuit is optimised and, thanks to fine noise suppression and elaborate tuning, you can enjoy clear, distortion-free sound for easy monitoring.

4-core twisted-structure cable
The independent ground wire in the 4-core twisted-structure cable gives superior left and right channel separation, improving sound quality. In addition, the HDJ-X10 model features a highly reliable, detachable mini-XLR connector for outstanding sound quality.

Bass reflex chamber
The bass reflex chamber in the upper housing ensures excellent bass response and sound insulation.

Superior durability, Rigorously tested
Take the HDJ-X model headphones on the road and feel confident they’ll handle severe conditions and heavy use. Each model has cleared the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test, as well as our own demanding stress testing.

Highly durable materials and construction
Durable metal is used in the moving parts of both the HDJ-X10 and the HDJ-X7 headphones to create a strong construction.

Water repellent nano coating
Keep your headphones looking fresh for longer. The polyurethane leather ear pads and headband cushion on the HDJ-X10 headphones are resistant to deterioration thanks to the use of nano coating, a world first for DJ headphones, so you can easily wipe off sweat and dirt.

Improved functionality, Suited for all monitoring styles
While we’re developing any new product we create numerous prototypes, each time with new improvements based on the feedback of professional DJs who test the equipment. Using this feedback and the results of our analysis of many different styles of monitoring, we’ve made sure the HDJ-X headphones are comfortable to use no matter how you wear them. The housing design reduces pressure on your head and it’s textured on the outside for enhanced grip, so you can quickly grab it and start listening.

Comfortable and flexible headband
To help you find the perfect fit, the HDJ-X headphones feature a flexible, durable headband. Passing our stringent test to open and close 20,000 times, it’s built to withstand intense use.

Features inherited from HDJ-2000 models
As successors to the HDJ-2000 models, the HDJ-X headphones inherit popular professional features such as flexible swivels to enable comfortable monitoring however you wear them. The housing on the HDJ-X10 model incorporates an auto-return mechanism so the rotated housing automatically resets to its neutral position when you release it.

Replacement parts available
You can easily renew the detachable cables and ear pads on all HDJ-X headphones using replacement parts (available separately). Each model comes with its own cable and the HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X5 models have a mutually compatible bayonet connector, so you can purchase an alternative cable type if you prefer (available separately). Replacement ear pads for the HDJ-X10 and HDJ-X7 are available and either set can be fitted to any of the HDJ-X models, including the HDJ-X5.

Solid, refined design
All the HDJ-X headphones feature a refined look and durable construction. The HDJ-X10 and HDJ-X7 models are finished in a metallic design incorporating aluminium spin processing and diamond cutting to the housings, which shine under club and stage lighting. Choose from black or silver versions to complete your desired look.

Excellent portability
When you’re travelling to gigs, you can be confident your HDJ-X10 headphones will be well protected in the included flat carry case. Made from strong materials to protect your headphones from bumps and knocks on flights and in transit, the case has inner pockets for storing accessories such as USB devices and SD cards, and its handle makes carrying easy. The HDJ-X7 and HDJ-X5 both come with a compact carry pouch, which snugly fits around the folded headphones to save space in your luggage and reduce the risk of damage on the road.

Various accessories included
The HDJ-X10 and HDJ-X7 headphones come with two detachable cables: a 1.2 m coiled cable (approximately 3.0 m when extended) and a 1.6 m straight cable. The HDJ-X5 model comes with a 1.2 m short coiled cable (approximately 1.8 m when extended) that’s ideal for both DJ performances and everyday listening. An L-type mini-jack prevents the connection from being knocked or accidentally disconnected during performances, even in cramped booths.

2-year warranty
To guarantee long-term, reliable performance, we include a 2-year warranty with all HDJ-X model headphones.


Foto galerij Pioneer HDJ-X5


Foto galerij Pioneer HDJ-X7


Foto galerij Pioneer HDJ-X10

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  1. djay
    Mijn HDJ-2000 is inmiddels aan vervanging toe na 7 jaar (versleten hoofdband en pads zijn compleet op) en aangezien reserve onderdelen bij elkaar ongeveer net zo duur zijn als een HDJX7 maar eens kijken of een nieuwe koptelefoon geen verstandigere optie is dan de HDJ-2000 oplappen.Zwart ziet er in ieder geval wel een stuk beter uit!
  2. Sef
    Zwart is inderdaad wel een chiquere kleur maar vraag me af hoe snel je beschadigingen gaat zien op het magnesium frame (althans volgens mij was de HDJ-2000 van een magnesium legering).